Welcome to the Bonn Water Network!

Welcome to our website! Water is life – and a key resource for sustainable development and the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement. Many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) depend on the availability of sufficient and clean water resources. From Bonn as a major hub for sustainable development, the Bonn Water Network contributes to strengthen the expertise needed in research, training and practice to implement water-related sustainable development goals around the world.

Formally established in 2020 (after a more informal cooperation over the past 15 years), the Bonn Water Network (BWN) bundles the capacities of nine Bonn-based institutions and one partner institution based in Berlin, all renowned for working on water and related issues in international research, development policy and training. We cover a broad range of academic disciplines and topics related to water, our member institutions are directly embedded in different national and international policy communities, can provide in-depth country expertise in all world regions and, through UN-Habitat/GWOPA, also involve water service providers from the public sector. BWN contributes to advancing research, diffusing knowledge and shaping debates and policies on water at national and global levels. In spite of its very recent creation, the network has already been successful in attracting a large audience in its online-events. Discover our activities and members and be part of our move towards connecting competences for sustainable water futures!

Diversity of water perspectives
Glimpses from the fieldwork:

Katja Dörner, Mayor of the City of Bonn:

“Water is a cross-cutting topic in Bonn, both in global and in local terms. This year, Bonn is celebrating 25 years as a United Nations City. UN Bonn has evolved as the UN hub for sustainability, with land, nature, climate and water at its heart. Our research community has rallied with other partners in the Bonn Water Network, as a new platform fostering exchange and joint research. On this World Water Day, I commend all the key players for water in Bonn and thank them for their tireless efforts to shape a sustainable water future for all.”

World Water Day 2021 | March 23rd 2021